STRETCHING IS SO UNDERRATED. I know it is because I barely ever see anyone stretching before or after their workout. There is more to a workout than just the workout part of it. If stretching isn't a part of your workout than you should add it in. Stretching decreases your chances of getting injured, increases your range of motion and promotes healthy posture.

DYNAMIC STRETCHING// Stretching that closely resembles the physical activity to be performed. This type of stretching could be done as a warm-up. For example, if one is going to be doing weighted squats before they do those they would warm-up with some bodyweight squats as a dynamic stretch. Lunges, knee raises, walking, and butt-kicks are also examples of dynamic stretching.

STATIC STRETCHING- PASSIVE//Stretching a muscle using an outside force such as gravity, another person, or your own resistance, and holding the stretch for an extended amount of time. Done after a workout or warm-up muscles cannot be cold if you are holding the stretch.

Static stretching is the kind of stretching one does to prevent soreness in muscles as well become more flexible. Dancers do a ton of static stretching however they always forget to warm up before holding a stretch for an extended amount of time. If one stretch while their muscles are cold they run the risk of straining muscles.

STATIC ACTIVE STRETCHING// stretching a muscle (the antagonist) using force generated by the agonist muscle group, and then holding it for an extended time. ALSO DONE WHEN YOUR BODY IS WARM. 


  1. Your site is so professional, Vanessa!! Thank you for this helpful post. What specific stretches would be best?

    1. Thank you so much! That means a great deal to hear! It depends on which exercises you did before or after or if you simply just want to stretch!


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