I don't know about you but I almost never feel motivated to run! The hardest part of running is putting on my shoes and walking out the door but even once I am passed that I have troubles keeping my head and body in the running mindset. To help, I use these little tricks I have shared below.

PLAY MUSIC YOU CAN GET LOST IN// Playing music that will motivate you to run when you are seated on the couch and when you are running the streets is very important. As someone who has to have music playing when they run, I know how influential it is to play music that will distract your mind from the sound of your breathing and the pain in your body when times get rough. I use to play the same three playlists but after a while, I got to familiar with the songs. Now, every time I hit the tracks I play a new playlist that will keep my mind engaged.

USE A RUN TRACKER// I love tracking the distance I run! Like any activity you want to improve in, it's important to keep track of the distance and time! Currently, I am using an app on my phone by Fitness 22 called run tracker! What is helpful about the app is that it is simple and has a clean interface. While your running the application will also tell you when you've hit milestones. That is a huge motivator for me. When I hear I've run a mile or three I feel encouraged to keep pushing myself!

TALK TO YOURSELF// YOU ARE YOUR OWN COACH WHEN RUNNING. All the motivational phrases a trainer might say, you must say instead! When I am having a difficult time on my run I will encourage myself by talking, out loud, to myself. "You're doing such great things right now!" "This extra few minutes will make you stronger." "Just hang in there!" Phrases like that are motivational to hear when times get hard. It sounds silly to actually talk to yourself when you run but I have found this to be SO EFFECTIVE! When your mind is set on stopping, throw in a motivational phrase and push yourself to keep running! "You can do this!"

REMEMBER- YOU GROW THE MOST WHEN YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE// Running will always be uncomfortable so one needs to learn to hang in there when you think you want to stop and rest. When you push your body a little more than the last time you went on a run you will become stronger mentally and physically. Of course, if it's bad pain which is normally sharp, you should stop but otherwise, tell your body that being uncomfortable is exactly what you want to have happened. I want this run to make me uncomfortable, is a phrase that can win gold. When I am uncomfortable in a run I will tell myself that THIS is the part of the run that really counts, that I don't want to skip and that I can pass.


  1. Loved this post, Vanessa! I completely agree-- get lost in the music. Recently, I've been listening to some of Beyonce's old hits. Time flies! Great post!

    1. Glad that you enjoyed this post!! Thank you for the support! Beyonce's old hits will never not be amazing!


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