I am a simple person. 

I'm probably a lot like you! I drink coffee in the mornings, read, go to school, and do volunteer work. I also forget to floss, eat unhealthy foods once in a while, and spend too much time on my phone. I bet you do some of these things too!

Many of people don't become their healthiest because they think it's complicated and complicated things tend to be hard to do. Buying a gym membership, spending time making healthy meals, and living a restrictive life are all unattractive things that hold people back from being healthy. But health and fitness don't need to be complicated. 

I am probably also like you because I don't own a gym membership, buy organic food, have a degree in health and fitness, or have lots of time BUT I am healthy. In order to be healthy, you don't have to have all these things.

Health and fitness can be simple and easy. 

It's the people that own gyms, and the ones that sell diet programs that want us to think that in order to be healthy we have to buy a gym membership and have a diet plan. Thankfully, more and more people are realizing that what they say is not true. You don't need to buy the things people want you to buy to be healthy. 

All you need is yourself and some motivation to become your healthiest self. By making better choices and being mindful of your body you can become healthier. You start out with yourself and as you get more motivated you might want to invest in a gym membership, some equipment, taking more time to yourself, or start buying more wholesome foods. It's all about little steps of progression.

You can be healthy. And being healthy can be simple. Simple healthy humans.

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