Mental health is such an important part of our lives. I can't express to you how important I think it is to pay more attention to your mental state. With our busy lives, our minds are super easy to neglect! Don't neglect your mental health.

Some days we experience "off" days. Where it's hard to get out of bed and you find little inspiration to do anything. Instead of shrugging it off, we should pay more attention to ourselves on days like those. Listen to your mind, what is it saying when you are having an "off" day? Are you irritated at people? Is it hard to pay attention to little things? What do you feel like doing? What do you avoid doing?

On my "off" days I tend to be more reserved, easily become annoyed at people, want to sleep, and eat more than I should. These little things tell me a lot about myself when I reflect on them. They tell me that I am mostly a quiet person at heart, that I have a hard time being around people, I love to sleep, and that food is a comfort to me. It's a lot of information.

What do your off days tell you about you?

Take time to listen to your mind, it's important. Have you heard of people taking a mental health day off from work? DO THAT! Maybe you need a day to yourself and mental health to better your life. It's the same thing as taking a day off if you have a cold. The intended goal of taking a day off when you are sick or need a mental health day is to get better. 

If anything take a couple of hours to reflect. Don't neglect your mind and be kind to others. You never know what people are battling their minds. Some of the hardest times for me were times when people couldn't tell what was going on. The mask that we put up can shield others from knowing, making everything appear as fine. 

Let others in on what you are going through too. It helps. Mental health can be hard to talk about but when you relate to someone you didn't know went through what you go through it makes talking about mental health worth it. Be human together and share experiences. We can all get through this.

Listen to your minds and take a mental health break when you need it. 

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