That's the big question. A question that gets asked A LOT. Is it right or wrong to hit on people at the gym? My answer is yes and no. I think if it's done at the right time and the right way then it's okay but if not it's a big fat no.

The fact is there are a lot of attractive people at the gym. I see them all the time. Being a woman, I mostly keep my distance but once in a while, and yes I will admit it, I start up a conversation with someone to see if they are interested in getting coffee. People are attracted to people with like interests so there is no shame in liking someone at the gym. Who knows you all could be really tight friends, then maybe more.

Please don't come up to me while I am into what I am doing. If I look engaged and focused on the exercise I am doing, please, stay out of my way. I hate it when people want to talk to me in the middle of my workout. I'm trying to get stuff done! And while we are having a 3-15 minute conversation my muscles are cooling down and my focus is going out the window. For the rest of my gym session, I'll be thinking about how annoying this conversation was to have. It could have been a great conversation but it doesn't matter because you interrupted what I was doing.

Be careful what you say. Compliments are difficult to give at the gym because "you look nice!," and "Wow, you are cute!" can be taken wrong. Did this guy/girl just check me out? Are they just interested in my looks? Red flags are going up. Instead, focus on traits that are not physical. Say things like "You look like you are really determined." and "You have great energy."

It's a good idea to be a regular before you make your move. If you haven't seen this person before chances are they haven't seen you. People like people they recognize so pop back into the gym at around the same time you saw them and after a couple of time talking to them!

Ask me for help! If you come up to me asking for help, WHEN IM NOT BUSY, I am going to be impressed. Most people are timid when it comes to asking for help but when you do ask for help, it's really easy to start a friendly conversation! Most people at the gym will be glad to help if they can answer your question or show you the proper form.

Really though, hitting on people at the gym is a HIT or MISS. There really isn't anything in between. All the advice above might increase your chances of going to coffee but these are my opinions.  If things don't work out, it isn't you that they don't like it's just the way they were approached! If you try any of these things out, let me know in the comments!

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