If you are eating at a restaurant, chances are you are going to overeat. 

Restaurants serve huge plates of food. Just because all the food served is in one dish does not mean it's meant to be eaten by one person in one sitting. A plate of food at any restaurant can feed at least two people, and maybe three! I can't count the number of times I have gone to a restaurant, ordered one dish, and ate the whole thing myself! After having done that I felt bloated and extremely full. It's not a good feeling!

Restaurants should include how many people ONE dish can feed! For example, a portion size of pasta is 1/2 cup, most restaurants will most likely serve you three or more cups of pasta! That is at least 6 servings of pasta. That's a lot of good for one person. 

Eating at restaurants doesn't have to be unhealthy if it's done correctly. There are steps you can take to make sure you eat mindfully and respectfully of your body. I believe the most important step is that you don't eat the whole plate of food!

Don't eat the whole plate of food!

Ask for a takeout box when your food gets to your table then before you start eating put some of the food in the box.This trick ensures you that you won't eat more than you planned. 

Another thing you can do is share! If you are eating out with a friend or even a few friends. Order fewer plates than the number of people at the table and divide the food up accordingly. This is also a great way to be able to try more than just one dish.

By remembering portion control when you go out to eat, you will feel better about the food you ate, and leave feeling less bloated! You might even have room for a healthy amount of dessert! 

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