Motivation is a key fundamental when it comes to being healthy and without motivation, people wouldn't feel like eating healthy or working out for long periods of time. However, finding it is hard and keeping yourself motivated to work towards your goals is EVEN HARDER.* Losing motivation is easier than gaining motivation. FACT!!
*Why can't being healthier be easier? I don't know but the struggle makes the progress worth it!

Thankfully there are a few things you can do to re-motivate yourself! These are little tips and tricks I use to stay motivated. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't and if they don't at least you tried.

When you don't feel like working out: Get your gym clothes on and play the music you would listen to while you are working out. By listening to the music you would listen to at the gym you'll start to get into a workout mindset and soon you'll find yourself lacing up your shoes and sprinting out the door. This little trick has worked wonders for me when I felt least motivated.

When you don't feel like eating healthy: Just pause for a moment and think of the guilt that you'll carry around with you after you eat the fried chicken and drink a shake. Do you really want to have an unhealthy meal that you'll regret having for the rest of the day? Instead look up some healthy recipes and make one! Or make the healthy version of the unhealthy food your craving.

When you feel like sleeping the rest of your day away: Try to something you like to do instead of sleeping. It could be a hobby you haven't done in a while or as simple as reading a book you enjoy! Just do something that makes you happy and your mind will wake right back up!

When you are not inspired: Pictures and health and fitness vlogs. If you are somewhere where you are able to watch a few youtube talk about their health and fitness journey this is a great trick for getting inspired. Pictures from Pinterest health and fitness boards work wonderfully too!

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