Our lives can be busy, which leaves us feeling like there is limited time for working out. You don't need to step foot in a gym or even spend an insane amount of time breaking a sweat in order to fit a workout in. All you need to do is a plan.

1. Start your morning off knowing you need to include fitness into your day. Waking up and knowing that fitness will be a part of your day is the best way to get your mind to look for opportunities to exercise throughout the day. You are more likely to get a workout in if you start looking for opportunities at the beginning of the day rather than 3 o'clock in the afternoon. 

2. Exercise playfully. There are no limitations to where you can exercise. Playgrounds, tennis courts, stairs, living rooms, grassy open areas, beaches, dance studios, and any other place you can think of are convenient places to exercise. My favorite place to exercise is at the park the playground is great for all kinds of exercises and tennis courts are awesome for doing agility work at.

3. Little amounts of time add up. If you're stuck at the office all day going on walks during your break is an awesome way to add to your physical activity to your day! Ten-minute speed walks will add up depending on how many breaks you have. Also, moving around during breaks is a great way to regain focus!

4. Play with your kids or siblings. Younger children get loads of physical activity in through the day. If they are playing a game of tag or hide-and-seek, join in! You'll end up getting lots of cardio in.

5. Count your steps. Although, I find step counting annoying it can be beneficial. Most phones have a step counter or some sort of fitness app installed in them. Use it! And make it your goal to reach the number of steps recommended. 

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